Friday, July 27, 2007

With thanks to Holy Moly!

Perez: This shirt. If you are Mike. Don't worry, I won't get one.

Cindy: This petition. Which, though certainly speaking for me, is a bit unfair on Butch, Tom, Evil, John, Ken, Teresa, Gugs and the Board Members.

Perez: Companies who use remarkably wasteful packaging, large packets division. (Two big cardboard boxes and a silver envelope for a TOWEL?!) I'm hardly environmentally friendly, but come on.

Cindy: The Showtime marketing department, for deciding that the best way to advertise season three of Weeds was to have Mary Louise Parker wearing a snake and nothing else. And actually showing some of the goods for once (not in her case, but in the case of ads like this). Still not planning to start watching the show again, mind.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt, well, that's creative.

But the petition is awesome!