Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morning, folks.

I usually wake up early, or try to. On Wednesday I woke up at 4:15, which is late by my standards; so I only managed to be online briefly before leaving for work. I blame my lengthy sleep on being uncharacteristically tension-free thanks to Abbey National writing to me to tell me they're only swiping £20 from my hard-earned next month.

In the evening part of the North Circular was closed off, making my journey home last from about 4:20 to 7:00. Thus shortening my online time before having to go to bed.

Still, it wasn't all bad - what with Jessica Alba being on the market again and Heroes arriving on BBC2 the day landed on the credit side. Now if we could just get Serena Williams to pose naked again without the flowers, we'd be good to go. (Incidentally, confession time: the reason I can't get into Ali Larter - apart from her character on the show - is that I used to work with a Pakistani guy called Ali and that really gets in the way. More so than it did with Ali Landry. Ah well.)


Stephen said...
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Cindylover1969 said...

Here's a tip for people who leave nasty comments on my blog in response to my nasty comments on their blog; you rule on your turf, so just delete the thing. I'm not going to come back there, so it's okay.

Anonymous said... worked with a guy called Ali. That would make it difficult.