Friday, June 30, 2006

Weekend update...

Cindy: I've got the flat to myself this weekend because Sharon's off to Belgium for the Kula Cafe (sp?) festival.

Vanessa: She's taking the laptop with her, leaving me net-less for the weekend... still, it's her laptop.

Cindy: Getting extra money thanks to working an extra hour each morning.

Vanessa: Working an extra hour each morning.

Cindy: Only a few more days and this damn WC is overoverOVEROVER!!!! And with Tim "I make Dakota Fanning look butch" Henman out of Wimbledon already no fucking Henmania this year.

Vanessa: Still more footy to go. And Big Brother. (Bianca and her cleavage are cancelled out by her being a fan of both of 'em and not of Lost.)

Cindy: Erica Campbell, for sending me a little note of thanks for the email I sent her. With the word "Hug" involved. What a nice image to go out on. :)

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The Archivist said...

I was surprised you didn't have anything bad to say about the email. Everything else good had something bad connected to it...