Friday, June 16, 2006


A while ago I blogged about the new US shows and wondered on the chances of them coming here (not all of them, but a lot of them). The deals are being done...

Hidden Palms: This was the first UK acquisition announced, surprisingly. Even more surprisingly, Kevin Williamson's return is heading to Sky One instead of the more appropriate (well, I thought so) Five - Murdoch's child hasn't shown anything of this kind since Beverly Hills 90210. But anything's better than Hex. They've also bought something called Lovespring International from Lifetime.

3 LBS:
Potentially ruffling the feathers of the "Stop wasting our licence fee on imports" mob, the BBC has bought this midseason drama (which presumably will be relegated to the Medium slot, i.e. late on Tuesday nights). They've also gotten the US/Canadian show Falcon Beach (on ABC Family over there), which I assume will be part of CBBC a la Even Stevens... the days of 6pm on BBC2 are long gone.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: It has indeed been bought by Channel 4. Not for E4, or More4 (or as Richard Schiff put it, "Mofo"), but for the main 4. They've also taken The Class (like I said, shows with Brits in main roles almost always get UK homes, plus this is from Friends co-creator David Crane), the fifth (!) international remake of Betty La Fea, Betty the Ugly (hoping for another Ally McBeal/sex and the city-type success? Let's hope that
this isn't a foretaste), and Brothers & Sisters (with so many ties to previous C4 shows - the aforementioned Ally McBeal, Six Feet Under, thirtysomething, even Alias - this was a no-brainer); Kidnapped (another show with a UK cast member, also the case with 3 LBS.) is also on the way for them.

Shark: "James Woods as a lawyer in a show whose pilot is directed by Spike Lee. This'll definitely come to Britain, but how long'll it last?" Don't know about the latter, but I was right - on Five (shared with UKTV who have cable rights).

Smith and The Nine are also being debated over by Five and ITV, and Vanished is also being battled over... but what I really know is, what about Heroes?

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