Friday, June 09, 2006

Football and r'n'b all day long. My own personal hell on Earth.

Which is another way of saying it's that time of week again.

Cindy: Well, it's Friday in June and it hasn't been raining. I guess that'll do.

Vanessa: The World Cup. Has there ever been anything else with such appropriate initials?

Cindy: By this afternoon I should know where Bianca and I'll be going, and when.

Vanessa: Sharon suggested we go to a party at her gym. Not only do me and gyms not mix, but I don't even know where Bianca lives... and this isn't about what Sharon wants me to do, but about what I want to do.

Cindy: Hommi at work lent me a ripped DVD set of season two of Lost, which'll come in handy if the Sky digibox takes a vacation during an episode (like it did last Tuesday dammit!).

Vanessa: Still not sure about watching it... I can convince myself it's a more advanced version of people overseas recording stuff for others before the show turns up there, but anyway.

Cindy: The Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons." The video and the song. Snoop Dogg's rat face cannot wipe out Nicole's solo strut.

Vanessa: Sharon's money problems. I cannot hear her complaining about them or being on the phone with someone attempting to straighten them out without thinking that in some way this is all my fault. Even though it mostly isn't.

Cindy: A widescreen TV with Sky installed at work...

Vanessa: ...just so they can watch the WC. And music channels, but I'm sure the WC has to do with it.

Cindy: Four-minute trailer for Heroes ("That was attempt number 6"). If this gets bought by Channel 4 and consigned to Sunday afternoons, I will claim some lives. Especially if it does indeed prove to be more like Unbreakable than Mutant X, as the trailer suggests.

Vanessa: James Blunt pulling Petra Nemcova. Let me say that again - James Blunt. Pulling Petra Nemcova. How the fuck did this happen? And why?

Thank goodness for the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow (8pm MTV, repeated 10pm, Sunday morning 10am, Sunday night 11pm...), but in the meantime can I draw your attention to a couple of completely gratuitous pictures of Nicole at the top? I can? Oh good.

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The Archivist said...

Good luck with Bianca, hope the time spent with her goes (went?) well.

Fucking James Blunt. How dare he pull Petra Nemcova! She's a hot piece of ass, and therefore... damn.