Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summertime and the blogging is hard...

Cindy: Jessica Simpson, for bravely letting herself appear with the two Evas (Longoria and Mendes), Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba in her newest music video and ensuring she'll only be the fourth hottest one there (fifth hottest one if you're a Carmen fan, is that all right Jen?).

Vanessa: The Oscar promo for The Incredibles, which I found yesterday in Muswell Hill's Cancer Research shop - not normally a Vanessa, but qualifies for having less music on it than the regular release.

Cindy: Still, it was there for a good cause. And moving on to unconditional Cindys,
E! burning Jordan in her "bid" to conquer America. Now how about a lesbian makeout session with Debbie Matenopoulos and Kristin Veitch after they've strangled Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana DePandi, people?

Vanessa: Arguing with gits on The Superficial forums. Jen told me she never goes on the boards; I should have asked her about it long ago; consider this retroactive advice-taking.

Cindy: Seeing the trailer for
Stormbreaker before Poseidon. Looks like the movie Agent Cody Banks wanted to be but didn't quite pull off.

Vanessa: Seeing Poseidon. And not only because of Stacy Ferguson.

Cindy: Deciding to post one of my "writing staff" every week, starting with Patricia Araujo (that's her at the top of the page, winning Miss Transex International last year in one of the more work-safe pictures of her). Wish I could go to Italy and meet her...

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The Archivist said...

Nice pic!

Jordan got burned, eh? Good. Can't stand the bitch.