Monday, June 26, 2006

The Cindy Spot presents Five reasons why you have to hand it to Aaron Spelling.

Top of the Pops ending was hardly unexpected, but hearing about the passing of Aaron Spelling was a real shock. Okay, he was no one's idea of a high-class producer (like voodoojoe, I always liked Stephen J. Cannell better - although probably unlike the Cuthbert fan I also had fond feelings for Glen Larson before he became too crap even for me); true, if his feelings in The Glass Teat are any indication, Harlan Ellison won't exactly be mourning; and yes, I admit I wasn't keen on most of his signature shows - even as a boy I could tell The Love Boat, Dynasty and Charlie's Angels weren't much good, although admittedly I was at the age before boys (well, the ones who aren't gay, that is) realise how much girls have to offer ;) . Nonetheless, The Cindy Spot presents five reasons why you have to hand it to Aaron Spelling:

1. Durability. When you're producing successful TV shows in the 1960s (The Mod Squad) and you're still producing them in the 21st century (7th Heaven), you have to be doing something right. Sheldon Leonard (The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Spy) and Norman Felton (Dr. Kildare, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) couldn't keep up the pace, even though their shows were more acclaimed, but Spelling just kept going and going.
2. Knowing that time changes. Spelling always knew what people wanted through the ages, and it says a lot that a guy well in his dotage could do so well on a TV landscape featuring Fox and the WB, Summerland and the new version of Burke's Law notwithstanding.
3. Aspirations. Everyone mentions Starsky & Hutch and Beverly Hills 90210, but few ever mention And The Band Played On and Spelling Entertainment co-producing Twin Peaks.
4. Patience. Not many of us would give Shannen Doherty another chance.
5. Services to mankind. Peggy Lipton, Melinda Clarke, Jaclyn Smith, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Biel, Keri Russell, Rose McGowan, Julie McCullough, Holly Marie Combs, Jennie Garth, Jamie Luner, Heather Locklear...

All of which atones for his also reviving Joan Collins' career.

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The Archivist said...

But really, was (and is) it worth it to anyone except Aaron Spelling to give Doherty another chance?