Friday, June 30, 2006

Cindy Crawford removes her mole!... Oh wait.

Cindy Crawford's moles are famous the world over, but now, the supermodel has got three of them removed because she is concerned about skin cancer.
Crawford, who is a spokeswoman for skin cancer awareness, has had three others removed - two on her back and one on her stomach.
The model said that though the famous mole on her face was still intact, other on her back and stomach had been removed as smaller skin blemishes are the most at risk from cancer.
"The mole on my face isn't the type that's dangerous, but I have others and I get checked every year. The three I had removed looked like a collection of almost flat, tiny spots,"
The Sun quoted her, as saying. (ANI)

So we can safely say she won't wind up looking like Brigitte Bardot. Or, apparently, acting like her. And yes, that's a good thing.

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The Archivist said...

Even though she would have done it for health reasons, how much would you like to bet that her fans would have started a public outcry if she had removed THE MOLE?