Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"...and in my opinion, it's about f***ing time!"

Today marks the end of an era; or more appropriately, a dose of euthanasia.
The BBC finally put Top of the Pops out of our misery after 42 increasingly irrelevant years and makeovers that ultimately saw it on Sundays at 7pm. After the weekly chart rundown on Radio 1. And on minority channel BBC2. (In its heyday it was on Thursdays on the flagship BBC1 channel and served as an overture to the weekend.)
It can't have come as a surprise to anyone, really. The moment MTV arrived the writing was just about on the wall - less and less point as the years went by. (This is also why attempts to launch the show in America never worked.) Goodbye, and really good riddance.


The Archivist said...

Sometimes, I get the feeling that television stations don't know when to quit.

Tom said...

What?! I was coming to England in July and they cancel "Top of the Pops?!" This is outrageous! I don't even get BBC America. How am I supposed to know what this show is like, because I've heard nothing but good thing about it.