Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The third part... I'll think of a title.

"It's okay, this won't take long," Bradley assured me, as I got down on the sand, the trees keeping us from being seen by anyone. In any case, since I wasn't a girl I could get dressed and out of there very quickly. "Just two shots."
"One from the front and one from behind, right?" I asked, smiling.

"You haven't done this before, have you?" Bradley replied, snapping me lying there, a teasing smile on my face and my hand on my fully-erect cock as if I was about to jack right there.
I didn't say anything as I turned around and spread them. Just for his private collection, I figured. Right?

* * * * * * * * * *

I came into school a lot happier. Since that little session a month or two ago, Bradley and his friends had in fact eased up on the teasing, and it was starting to show in my attitude - less tense, more relaxed. Hell, I'd even been invited to go to one of my classmates' places after class to play some games, listen to some music... I was happy to do it. Sometimes it's good to be accepted.
Andrew Baxter drove us to his place himself, and it was with a happy heart that I finished my drink a couple of hours later - still nothing strong, but otherwise in a party mood. "Here's to video violence!" I shouted, toasting the other boys.
"Here's to Vic!" the lad sitting next to me crowed, and the others all joined in.
"But I'm not the star of this thing..." I pointed out.
"Oh, but you are, Vic... you are," Baxter said amiably. "It's all about you. Ever since that time with you and Simon."
I blanched at that. Simon had been the most unrepetant of my tormentors. And the most quiet ever since the week after Bradley's pictures, after he'd come up to me and told me that if I did him a favour, he'd do me a favour. The favour I did him was letting him swallow me; the favour he did me was never bothering me again.

Bradley, at least, had never shown anyone my bid for Numbers magazine; but Simon had apparently let the word out among his friends. Knowing him, he probably told them I liked it.
And as the boys started crowding around me, I knew he was right...

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The Archivist said...

Hmm... okay. Bradley cut a deal - no bothering in exchange for pictures. Simon cut a deal of no bothering. I'm following here.

Um... well, Simon seems like a mean guy if he blabbed to other people...