Monday, October 31, 2005

The fourth part.

As Baxley thrust himself deeper into me, I felt the first boy's cock pumping into my throat; as soon as he was out and leaving his cream behind, another prick took its place. I started sucking that and the still-unfulfilled other prick, knowing that I wouldn't be out of here until I had sucked all ten boys here... and until they, in turn, had blown me.
The youngest of the lot had crawled under me and was tasting my own cock, groaning over it as he licked the full length. Squeezed in next to him was another one, moving his mouth back and forth from one of my sacs to the next, and all the while the cock inside me kept pounding away. "MMmmmm..."I mumbled over the penises, excited at the way they felt on my tongue and at how Baxley's prick was starting to drip in me. "Ohhhhhh...MMMMMMMMAAARRRR!!!"
"Oh yes Vic... fuck yes... you've got an ass to die for here....!!!!" Baxley's voice shot up as he filled me up, slapping against me as he came, becoming the first boy to fuck my no-longer-virgin ass. As he pulled out and gave me one last slap, I didn't even have time to come down before I felt another pair of hands. A blissful smile, lightly covered with drops of the come from the boys I'd just made come in my mouth, came to me...

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't know how long it took before the boys had had their fill, but I do know that later on I was upstairs, asleep on Baxley's bed. The others had left, and Baxley had let me rest up until I was ready, sticky and sweaty, but happy.

Slumbering, moving in and out of sleep, I was thinking about how things would change now. Now I knew about what some of them held secret, I could either hold it over their heads or just let it lie there... power was wonderful, and sexual power was the most wonderful of all. At least one of the guys who'd pounded his cock in me loved boasting about all the girls he'd fucked - now I knew he was full of it...
No. No blackmail. In and out of slumber I had seen images of girls in my head from time to time, and I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd been left limp by all of them. But I wasn't. Maybe he still liked girls, maybe he was pretending. The thing was, I wasn't going to say someone - anyone - was gay if they weren't. I myself was in the middle, and loving it.
The last thing some of the guys had said to me before leaving was something about next time. That was the last thing that went through my head before I felt two hands on my back. Two older hands. Two older hands belonging to someone who thought I was asleep.
Two older hands moving down my back towards my trousers. "...nice botsy..." the man who thought I was asleep grunted. " botsy... beautiful botsy.. beautiful big botsy..."
I knew that voice. It was Baxley's dad; I was willing to bet it wasn't the first time he'd done something like this. And he probably thought I was asleep as he pressed his hard cock against my cleft.

He grunted as he thrust forward, his hand slipping under me to stroke my cock as he moved. "Good boy... gorgeous boy..." he groaned, fucking me for the first time that morning, thinking I was asleep, and thinking that I would have tried to escape if I was.
He was wrong on both counts.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Hey, Victor."
Scott slapped my shoulder with an envelope. "That's yours."
"What for?" I asked.

"For last week. By the way, Bradley wants to meet you." Scott gave my ass a discreet squeeze before sidling away, freeing me to peer into the envelope and widening my eyes at what was inside; some little folded coloured pieces of paper that I recognised instantly, and a note next to them.
Vic -
You earned it.
Making boys - and increasingly men - happy, and getting paid for it. And no more teasing; they knew how to keep their mouths shut.
Or most of them did. If I'd known that another classmate had gotten another envelope linked to me, I might not have been so cheerful.

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Yay! More story!

This was another very well written part. Though... I wonder what the paper was.