Monday, October 17, 2005

The continuation.... still can't think of a title.

There were about ten of them there, all bunching in up close to me as if we were in the world's smallest locker room, rather than the generously sized living room of one of their houses. My ego swelled on seeing that some of them had swellings lower down...
They soon had their hands on me, some on my chest, some on my legs, one or two on my crotch. "Hey, wait a minute guys," I laughed, "you'll all get some... and NO TEARING! You want people to start asking questions?"
Rogers let go my shirt as the others let me start to strip. They waited all of four seconds before tugging the rest of my clothes off, until I was lying there, the only naked guy in the room with ten horny boys. Just what Charlotte Cambridge always wanted, I bet.

"Fuck me," Baxley moaned, freeing his throbbing rod from his jeans and letting them drop to the floor as the other boys stripped. "You tell anyone about this---"
"---and you'll kill me, I know, I know," I said casually. "Now who wants to go first?"

I knew I shouldn't have said that. They landed on me, grabbing and kissing what they could find, and lifting me off the sofa. Within seconds, I found myself unable to get air - because Rogers and Kelly had rammed their cocks into my mouth, black and white blending together in my damp mouth. As I sucked and swallowed their lengths, the heads rubbing against each other inside my mouth, my hands were busy stroking Riley and Foster's organs, pulling them as if I was thinking about the Adderley sisters, but this time with added groans from the guys.
Kisses and caresses were landing on my sides from Tony, Simon, Francis, Richard and Dennis. They were murmuring comments about my legs when not stroking them with their cocks. It wouldn't be long before I felt them get covered with something sticky.
And Baxley? With his hands spreading my ass open and something smooth being put around my opening, I knew what was coming.
When he slammed it in, soon it would be me....

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The Archivist said...

I like the the last two sentences; the phrasing strikes me as humourous.

A very well written part! You're handling this with the sensitivity a story such as this deserves.