Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Cindy Spot: Dear Heather Mills, fuck off. Cheers, Victor.

Call me unreasonable, but after all these years I still get deeply pissed off when Cindy gets attacked for any reason not actually involving her taking a human life.

This, plus the fact that we've already gone through Cindy's views on fur (which I thought were already behind us). So I really can't get that bothered over Mrs. McCartney's broadside, well-intentioned though it is. Cindy's made her position clear, so leave her (and the others) the fuck alone. This is why I can't tolerate PETA either; bunch of self-righteous dung beetles.

To make up for it, the above link takes you to all the POP pictures, including this one with the bald guy. At least, I hope it does. But beware of pop-ups...

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The Archivist said...

Nice pictures.

VERY nice pictures.