Monday, October 03, 2005

My hair! My beautiful hair!

This weekend I found...

that Thornton's penchant for making chocolates suitable for diabetics is marred only by the note about possible laxative effects being less of a threat than a promise.

that having a street festival on Oxford Street to celebrate shoppers coming back after the July 7 bombings serves only to screw up traffic for the second Saturday in a row, and with even less reason than the anti-Bush (and Blair, but chiefly Bush) demonstrations last week. (And has it dawned on these people that since the one person who really needs to get the message has spent the past five years paying no attention whatsoever to anyone disagreeing with him, he's unlikely to start listening now? So everybody loses.)

that I should have updated my card details with PayPal earlier, dammit.

that Kelly Brook's nude Arena spread is lovely, but I still can't warm to her. (See next post.)

that I still don't like getting my hair cut. I like my hair; it keeps my head warm, and I look less grim with it. Still, if Sharon is reading this (ha!) she'll be pleased to know that it was at a black barber this time, and at least I won't have to get it done again this year.

that I can't get AIM launched at some internet places (I did try).

that it's good to hear from friends.


The Archivist said...

Maybe I've totally missed the point at some point in the past, but let me ask: Why would your sister care if your barber was black or not?

And yes... it's good to hear from friends. ;-)

Cindylover1969 said...

Because Sharon gets that way with haircare. She's strange that way...