Friday, February 29, 2008

The Play That Variety Of Music Multicoloured Boy Post.

A Rihanna tribute concert? Well, why not? Unsurprisingly she didn't dress like this for the occasion.

Anyway, moving on to the news I've been waiting for: it was only a matter of time before NBC Universal cleared the way for a Heroes soundtrack album, since practically every hit show these days has one (and sometimes more than one - Lost has two, Grey's Anatomy has three, The L Word has clocked up five). I'd have preferred a score album, but at least there's some. The CD, coming out in the US on March 18, looks like this:

1. Heroes Title - Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman
2. Fire and Regeneration - Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman
3. He's Frank - Brighton Port Authority featuring Iggy Pop
4. All for Swinging You Around - New Pornographers
5. Glad It's Over - Wilco
6. Weightless - Nada Surf
7. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At The Disco

8. Chills - My Morning Jacket
9. Natural Selection - Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman
10. ABoneCroneDrone 3 - Shelia Chandra
11. Not Now But Soon - Imogen Heap
12. Jealously Rides With Me - Death Cab for Cutie
13. All Things Must Pass - The Jesus and Mary Chain
14. Homecoming - Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman
15. Man in the Long Black Coat - Bob Dylan
16. Maya's Theme - Yerba Buena
17. Keeping My Composure - The Chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock
18. Heroes - David Bowie

Not all these tracks have been heard on the show, as show executive producer Allan Arkush admits - but as I've said before, given Noah Gray-Cabey's ivory-tickling abilities, Greg Grunberg being part of the Band From TV (as is Hugh Laurie, explaining their presence on the House, M.D. album) and the weakness both Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell have for bursting into song, you've got at least four shout-outs to fans they could have included right there (Panic! At The Disco? For fuck's sake). And it's not like Tim Kring wouldn't have had previous experience with including the stars on a soundtrack, what with Jill Hennessy being on the Crossing Jordan album. Still, I guess it could be worse; it could be dueSouth Vol. 2. (And if any fans know if the French release will contain the song that opens the TF1 airings, let me know.)

I'll leave you with a wagged finger at FHM and Arena for having Cheryl from Girls Aloud and Cat Deeley as their cover stars. This week's French Elle shows them both up with the stunning Emmanuelle Beart - more pictures, costs less and she's nude in one shot. Even if she has reportedly had work done, so what?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The I Didn't Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet Post.

The UK had its biggest earthquake in 25 years yesterday at around 1 am. It woke Sharon up (the epicentre was far from London, but the tremors got down here), but it didn't wake me up. I sleep fairly soundly when I can. Fortunately nobody was killed (Britain is not earthquake central).

More immediately obvious to me; Sky One's Oscars red carpet show was pissed on from roughly the height of the moon by E!'s (you go, Ryan Seacrest!). The main attraction itself was not one of the great ceremonies, but no complaints about the Alba (even if she had drawn the "Tech Oscars roundup presented by a world-class hottie" slot previously filled by the likes of Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek - safe to say Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton will never do it), Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, the aforementioned Mrs. Affleck, or Amy Adams.

Score Oscar presenter, performer, and centrepiece of the most memorable part of Charlie Wilson's War (along with Philip Seymour Hoffman's rant of course). Strutting down the hall with a letter, her red ponytail waving, her bottom twitching under her dress, a knowing smile on her face...

I have to go now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sound And Vision Post.

Yesterday I booked my ticket for Lalo Schifrin's concert at the Barbican in April (my first film music concert in a while), and this morning it popped through the letterbox. Now that is what I call service! I'll be there, and I might even try to take along my copy of Kelly's Heroes to be signed afterwards... then again, I never did it for John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith (either time) or Howard Shore, so maybe I won't. (More chance of George W. Bush doing or saying something that drives the dollar down against the pound (again), thus making that eight-disc set of Superman music comparatively more affordable.)

Moving on to music I can't get thrilled about, I caught Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in Virgin 1's repeat on Friday (the sound cut out on Thursday's first run, dammit) and Bear McCreary's score goes ideally with Brad Fiedel's for the first two movies. That wasn't a compliment. As for the show itself, I'll have to watch again when fully alert for a more clear opinion; but I do think that Lena Headey isn't quite Linda Hamilton. Brooke Burke's long-lost sister aka Summer Glau, on the other hand, is a vast improvement on Kristanna Loken as far as Terminatrixes go...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Tie It In A Ribbon Made Of Gold And Give It To Cindy Post.

This is how I voted on FHM's Sexiest Women In The World poll this year:

1. Cindy Crawford
2. Jessica Alba
3. Hayden Panettiere
4. Monica Bellucci
5. Gwen Stefani
6. Rihanna
7. Hilary Duff
8. Erica Campbell
9. Ashley Tisdale
10. Vanessa Hudgens

When I pressed "SEND" I realised that for the first time in years neither Rosanna Arquette nor Paula Abdul (who's turned up as herself on an episode of Hotel Babylon on BBC1, weirdly) made it into a list like this from my pen. Times change. And yet Cindy still reigns supreme.

Well, at least she does with me - I know there's no chance she'll make the upper reaches of FHM's annual publicity-getter. As opposed to Rihanna, whose birthday it also is today (the Charlize Theron of Barbados is 20, and is also having a tribute concert in her honour). But with all due respect to the lovely Miss Fenty, this isn't called The Rihanna Spot.

These are of Cindy at a show for her friend and fellow hottie Gail Elliott, and of her in Mexico yesterday with her gorgeous family. Kaia is Cindy Jr. in all but name, and let's hope she stays as sane as her mother in addition to inheriting her looks.
Happy 42nd birthday, Cynthia Ann Crawford. You've been rocking my world for years...

...and you always will.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bullet-Dodging Post.

But first, a couple of very short CD reviews.

Windkracht 10 (Matt Dunkley): The score tracks are Speed on downers. And why are all the songs in English if the movie's Dutch-Belgian?

The Departed (Howard Shore): Three words: Ex. Cell. Ent.

Told you they were short...

I didn't book a ticket for Eclipse next month, and to be honest now that Hayden's had to cancel what with filming commitments, I'm kind of glad I didn't. (Kind of?) Tough on the fans who booked for her, though.

Cheers to Virgin 1 for making the first episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles available online for UK viewers (the show premieres next week on the box). Will I give in and watch it online or wait until Thursday? And will it be cancelled by the time it starts?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Marisa Miller Effect Post.

Such is the power of Marisa Miller that both Butch and Tom were driven to update because of her. She may be their Valentines, but for me there's really only one candidate.

Happy Valentine's Day, Cindy.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Hang On, I'll Think Of A Title Post.

This weekend, I learned...

That the mere thought of P*r*z H*lt*n induces vomiting in my mouth.

That dreaming about one member of Girls Aloud doing another one with an appliance is not helpful.

That the American football cheerleader Megan Fox is foxier than the other Megan Fox.

That my sense of smell isn't developed enough if I can't detect gas leaks at work while others can.

That the Hannah Montana movie is opening in the UK.

That my next diabetes eye screening coincides with a day off work.

That finding lots of secondhand vinyl stuff I'd like to have makes not having the ability to play it even worse.

That Hayden wearing bright-red lipstick is an aphrodisiac.