Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sound And Vision Post.

Yesterday I booked my ticket for Lalo Schifrin's concert at the Barbican in April (my first film music concert in a while), and this morning it popped through the letterbox. Now that is what I call service! I'll be there, and I might even try to take along my copy of Kelly's Heroes to be signed afterwards... then again, I never did it for John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith (either time) or Howard Shore, so maybe I won't. (More chance of George W. Bush doing or saying something that drives the dollar down against the pound (again), thus making that eight-disc set of Superman music comparatively more affordable.)

Moving on to music I can't get thrilled about, I caught Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in Virgin 1's repeat on Friday (the sound cut out on Thursday's first run, dammit) and Bear McCreary's score goes ideally with Brad Fiedel's for the first two movies. That wasn't a compliment. As for the show itself, I'll have to watch again when fully alert for a more clear opinion; but I do think that Lena Headey isn't quite Linda Hamilton. Brooke Burke's long-lost sister aka Summer Glau, on the other hand, is a vast improvement on Kristanna Loken as far as Terminatrixes go...

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The Archivist said...

You disliked Kristanna Loken?