Friday, May 19, 2006

The weekend update: No longer trapped in the closet.

Cindy: For a long time I wrestled with my feelings... I couldn't really have these kind of emotions, surely? The emotional torture and the guilt was starting to wear me down. But finally on Monday morning I accepted it. There was no way I could deny it any longer, and I took the first steps toward making peace with my sexuality. Yes, I can finally admit it... I like Keeley Hazell.

Vanessa: VON Radio (Voice Of Nevis) for having my mum on their Mother's Day discussion show, and keeping me and Sharon (listening in online) waiting for two hours by putting on endless dedications read aloud by people whose elocution skills leave something to be desired. And with very few songs played. Made Invasion actually seem interesting, that did.

Cindy: Invasion being cancelled. Maybe now Shaun "I can't stay with a show for more than a year" Cassidy'll get the hint?

Vanessa: Surface being cancelled. So what's going to happen in that water-covered new world? Will our heroes be able to live with the genetically created sea monsters? And most importantly, what happened to Leighton Meester? More about the new shows next blogging.

The next one differs, depending on your views about the season finale of The O.C.

Cindy: Josh Schwartz and Mischa Barton.

Vanessa: Josh Schwartz and Mischa Barton.

Cindy: Me, for cracking and ordering Amazing Stories: Anthology One.

Vanessa: The Bastardly. Sarcastic bloggers and endless comments from readers whose brains saswitch on long after their mouths are par for the course with celebrity gossip blogs, but they gain points for running the world's biggest pictures. And lose them for sticking really unfunny captions in them. Not on them, in them. In big yellow letters. Jeez Louise, why can't they just put little tiny symbols on them like normal people?

Cindy: Erica Durance, Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere and Cindy Crawford.

Vanessa: This damn glitch. Keeping me from uploading 'em. Maybe next week?

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The Archivist said...

Whilst I am glad you have listed the O.C. one as both... isn't this about you, and what YOU consider things to be, rather than what WE consider things to be?