Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cindy/Vanessa time again.

Cindy: The news that Intrada is releasing an Amazing Stories soundtrack. I know this means about as much to a lot of you as baseball does to non-Americans, but for film music fans it's like Christmas in June; we're talking an all-star lineup of composers on this disappointing Spielberg show, and we're not just talking a rerecording of two scores, but a big-ass two-disc set with complete scores and more to come. I may just break my rule of not ordering anything while I'm between lodgings and spring for it.

Vanessa: The fact that I now have to buckle down and search for somewhere. Sharon won't put up with me forever, and I'm already going to miss my original target of the end of the month. Move it forward to the end of June... at the very latest.

Cindy: Heroes making the grade for the new season on NBC! Which means not only does Greg Grunberg get a series not linked to J.J. Abrams; not only does Adrian Pasdar return to weekly TV after excelling as Jim Profit; but when this series gets picked up by a British broadcaster, as it almost certainly will, I'll get to check out Hayden Panetierre every week. (Until it gets cancelled. And unless she gets recast like when Lori Rom bailed out of playing Phoebe Halliwell.)

Vanessa: Mission: Impossible III. I knew I shouldn't have gone to see it. Not least because I lost five pounds at the cinema. (Of course, Keri Russell's brain vaporising didn't help. Ditto the trailer for Miami Vice. It fits that the abbreviation for NBC Universal Television Studio is NUTS.)

Cindy: Jen and the Archivist making up. :)

Vanessa: People on The Superficial talking utter, utter shit about my Cindy. Dung beetles.

Cindy: Anezza. I know I mentioned her last week, but she's the first person at work who I've genuinely fancied since Karen. But with my luck, she'll probably turn out to like girls. Still...

Vanessa: Irena. Yes, I mentioned her as well, but anyone whose reaction to hearing Akon's "Lonely" is not "FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!!" deserves to be attacked regularly.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an album to seriously think about ordering.

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The Archivist said...

CindyLover, that sounds like a fantastic album, you're that enthused about it. I'd say that breaking your rule would be a great idea.