Saturday, May 27, 2006

My big fat Vanessa weekend

The pendulum has to swing back to Cindy soon, but right now it's muy Vanessa. Because:

1. Time to start paying Sharon rent for kipping her while building up enough money for first month's rent and moving on my new place, whenever and wherever that is. And that's the deal, my dear. Especially since neither of us is that good at managing money.

2. Spending half the week (Monday, Friday, half of Thursday) at home because of a bad cold. Climate change, I blame (being able to see your breath in MAY?!?).

3. LivingTV celebrating the new run of Veronica Mars by ending the repeats of the first season before reaching the last three episodes, which I was taping thanks. Including one coming up which I missed.

4. Unreliable postpeople.

5. My buying Sharon a whole set of kitchenware, and having to take it back today because she only wanted a plate, which Next does not sell separately from the rest.

6. Making an appointment to see a place which I know I'm not going to say yes to for the simple reason that I can't afford it, and not cancelling said appointment.

7. Getting yelled at by Sharon twice (first about breaking a plate -see 5 - and then about money, leading into her own problems... which, as usual, succeed in making me think everything is my fault; not her intention, I know, but...).

8. Not seeing Monita Rajpal (illustrated) on CNN Today every day this week, as is my right dammit.

Ah well, things have to get better soon. And there's always Katherine "First person from reality TV music to catch my eye since Kelly" McPhee, right?

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The Archivist said...

That is one shitty week, Victor.

As for LivingTV, they suck.