Sunday, May 14, 2006

And now, a rare moment where I talk about sports.

Me: Maybe we could... get together sometime soon. :)
Jen: We'll see (I may be on for a few more minutes...KMB just made me scream in shock)
What did he do?
Told me that the Yankees added Scott Erickson to their active roster...gimme a sec, and I'll try to explain
Go on...
jenchaton (11:24:44 PM): Scott Erickson? Played for the [Orioles], was really good, got hurt, sucked, disappeared, came back with the Mets, had one great start, sucked, disappeared, went to the Dodgers, sucked, disappeared? THAT Scott Erickson? Bottom line: He was really, REALLY good...ten years ago. And has been nothing short of horrible since.
No wonder you're shocked. Does he approve?
KMB2476 (11:22:29 PM): HAHAHAHAHjenchaton (11:22:35 PM): ?KMB2476 (11:22:39 PM): Yankees just added Scott Erickson to the active roster
Ah. He doesn't. I'm always amazed with stuff like this. You on baseball, Mike with the Power Rangers... I always seem a bit in awe. I'll level with you... sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better if I did get into sports. Mass mentality, more comforting...
It gives me a chance to scream bloody murder four or five times a week
I do that all the time at work. ;-) I'm just glad you're not into football/soccer.
Especially with the World Cup coming up; they keep going on about 1966... that was the last time England won the World Cup. And they've NEVER shut up about it since. Of course, 1966 was a genuinely notable year... Batman started on TV, and Cindy Crawford was born.
But no, it's all "We beat Germany YEAH!!!"
Weren't there two then?
Two what? World Cups?
Oh yeah, that's right. I see. It was WEST Germany... my bad. I told you, I'm not a fan. They've even released the entire match on DVD and shown it in cinemas. How sad is that?
*no comment from the woman who covets a DVD set of the entire 2004 playoffs*
Can't respond to that...

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The Archivist said...

This sounds - just from the brief section - like an incredibly stupid thing for the Yankees to have done.

But time will tell, I suppose.