Thursday, May 04, 2006

A time to be silent and a time to speak

...and a time to be tagged.

From Kira's Slave:

I AM: I said, to no one there... actually, I'm Victor. But sometimes no one hears at all. Not even the chair.
I WANT: To be able to adjust to things quicker.
I WISH: That I had taken my mum's advice and not gone to a different school from my sisters.
I HATE: Being late.
I MISS: Not being diabetic.
I FEAR: Dogs, rats, falling, self-injury...
I HEAR: Too much stuff I'd rather not.
I WONDER: If Jen would meet up with me if she ever came to London.
I REGRET: Far too many things to list here. But not writing to my parents more often, embarrassing myself at a fete years ago, lusting after Page 3 stunner Keeley Hazell and BBW escort/porn model Devin Taylor when I know I shouldn't and realising that I forgot to set the video for Summerland today will do for starters.
I AM NOT: Thin. Or going to the 2012 Olympics, whatever Tom thinks.
I DANCE: Better than Whitney Houston. Then again, paraplegics dance better than Whitney Houston.
I SING: When I'm by myself, and only when I'm by myself.
I CRY: When I can't cope. Or when I'm incredibly relieved. Or sad.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Resistant to temptation.
I MAKE: Pasta and cheese.
I WRITE: When I can, a little at a time.
I CONFUSE: Myself, fairly often.
I NEED: Money and, like KS, inspiration.
I SHOULD: Be more self-confident.
I START: Quite early in the morning.
I FINISH: When I can't go on any longer.
I TAG: All the linked bloggers who haven't responded already.

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The Archivist said...

Good answers... are you only now realising the benefit of having a sibling at school to beat up the kid who's being a complete ass?

Not that my brother ever beat up the asshole who was bothering me...