Friday, May 05, 2006

The update of the weekend.

Cindy: The best kind of work day. One where we're allowed to leave early. And on a Friday too, after the adorable Anna won the first Employee of the Month contest. She deserved it too - friendly, knows her job, first in after me in the mornings... if only she was Anezza's identical twin she'd be perfect.

Vanessa: Irena. One of the longest-serving of my DMWorks colleagues has now officially completed her transformation into a Vanessa candidate. I don't know if it's age or what, but now that Esther's gone off to work in a Sainsbury's she's successfully taken over her position as the most annoying person at work - her habit of stating the bleeding obvious at every chance, her referring to people sitting in Esther's ex-chair as "Esther," her limited choice of music to play endlessly suggesting she's bent on trying out to be the Chilton school paper's music critic (the job Paris refused to give Rory and handed to another girl who, as Rory argued, "has two CDs"), the fact that she has awful taste... one of these days. I swear, one of these days...

Cindy: Rihanna conquering America. Never mind British artists not getting to #1 over there every other week like in the mid-1960s, when was the last time a Barbadian did it? Let alone a Barbadian female? Let alone a hot Barbadian female? Too bad about that duet with Sean Paul, but hey, congratulations... makes up for years of other overrated, obnoxious and/or boring Jamaican men getting all the glory.

Vanessa: Screwing up the recording and missing Lost on Tuesday night. This is why someone invented repeats. But I wanted to see it on Tuesday, dammit! And just to rub it in, The Book of Daniel did tape but Hayden Panetierre isn't in the pilot. Curses...

Cindy: Slowly but surely making headway on ye olde stories. Give me two more weeks and I can return to Cindy Inc. Now how about learning to write with pen and paper again?

Vanessa: Half Britain's TV critics and viewers getting pissy about Lost not bothering to wrap everything up. I can't believe people actually expected them to; and as Desperate Housewives is currently demonstrating, you should be careful what you wish for.

Cindy: The Damon Lindelof to La Crawford's J.J. Abrams hosting the MTV Movie Awards.

Vanessa: Nah, let's end it on a positive note this week...

Bonus Cindy: My dad turns 63 today, and he's taking an early retirement. If you're reading this, you earned it, Dad. (And, uh... about some of the links... would you believe they were here when I got here?)

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The Archivist said...

I thought you told me that your family doesn't know about your blog.

Exactly how one can critic music if they only have two CDs is beyond me, and I see Rory agrees.