Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Zoo and one of the guys from Blue

Zoo is one of various men's magazines in the UK. The guy from Blue in question is Lee Ryan (the one who put paid to Blue's chances in America by publicly ticking them off for getting upset over 9/11 when animals' lives were in danger - he apologised, but the damage was done... not that their lame-ass poor-man's-Backstreet-Boys act would have helped them over there, anyway).

The link? Well, I looked through the second issue I bought for Hater, and got the same horrible feeling I got from reading melswo's story about Mr. Ryan thinking about girls and masturbating in a bubble bath - i.e. something you really do not want in your head. This was the story that made me realise how much I would love to track down this writer and savagely beat him to death with his own keyboard (of course he could actually be a she, but for the purposes of convenience I'll blame my own gender), a feeling that hasn't changed over time.

And going through Zoo... well, magazines like that are only bearable, I find, if the featured woman in it is someone I personally find appealing, like Sophie Anderton in last week's edition. Since that doesn't apply to Nancy Sorrell (or most of the other barely-dressed females in it), and since its mixture of low humour, sixth-form debating levels, cars cars cars and sports sports sports doesn't appeal to me that much... until Hater can subscribe to it (and given the cost of an annual subscription I can understand his unwillingness to do so) I'll keep getting it. But I have to admit, I hate myself for getting the thing. It reminds me of why I hardly ever buy the likes of Playboy.

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The Archivist said...

Playboy is a lot better than some mags out there, and yet I too, hardly ever buy it. The girls have to be really good looking.

But Front, also a UK mag, might be better than Zoo. I have four copies of Front, and they're appealing.