Saturday, December 04, 2004

I hate, I like, I hate, I like...

I hate Abbey National. No wonder they stopped using "Because life's complicated enough" in their ads - they make it more complicated themselves.

I like Varese Sarabande. And if the music for Elektra is as good as what Christophe Beck did for Buffy the Vampire Slayer I'll love them even more.

I hate the Christmas TV schedules. Especially on terrestrial TV. (Not least on C4 - 100 Greatest TV Treats my foot.)

I like Marisa Miller. For obvious reasons.

I hate Johnny Vaughan. Well, actually I hate people who constantly employ the man - you'd think people would have noticed by now that he actively repels audiences.

I like buying steak and kidney pie and chips with salt and vinegar, and lots of chocolate bars each week. Or at least I did until I was diagnosed with diabetes. (Happily not the more serious brand, but...) Now I've reduced significantly.

I hate the 232 bus route. Alas, it's the only one that takes me to work. :(

I like weekends.

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The Archivist said...

Marisa Miller is one of the hottest Victoria's Secret models ever. The only one hotter is Alessandra Ambrosio.

Of course, if you write back and say, 'you're an idiot, she's not a VS model', I'll need my eyes checked. If she isn't, then she looks like one of the models.