Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thoughts on Britney, my parents, and two naked Campbells

My parents finally divorced earlier this year, and my dad is now married again.

Britney Spears got married twice this year.

I was, and am, more curious about and interested in little Britney's marital affairs than those of my own father - somehow it just doesn't bother me that much. Maybe because I don't talk to him that much... I inherited my lack of fondness for long messages in emails from him, it seems like. (Actually, I'm not much for talking in real life, including over the phone - I think the longest conversation I ever had was about 10 minutes. Lisa Mackie, where are you now?)

Shallow, or the way life is? You tell me.

The two naked Campbells? Erica and Neve. The former is a softporn model who I would have in my Top 50 in a New York minute if non-mainstream models were allowed (since the diminutive and softly curvy Erica - who gets bonus points for writing back to me when I asked her a very silly question [and no, she didn' t tell me to fuck off :) ] - spends a lot of her time in poses not intended for pre-watershed audiences), the latter has finally bared her bod on screen in James Toback's newest movie. Cheers to voodoojoe for posting screencaps; jeers to Sharon's boyfriend for coming in while I was clicking on the caps and ruining it... >:(

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MuffinMan said...

Actually, "non-mainstream" models (seems like a contradiction, no?) are allowed (I never recalled DISallowing them, though I admit to knowing nothing about Erica), provided of course they've turned 18 this year (BTW, is it just me, or is not-yet-legal-in-the USA Hilary Duff trying a little TOO hard in the blatant sexuality dept. in some of her recent mag shoots? I have a feeling it isn't entirely HER idea, which makes it even creepier- the fact that I'm almost twice her age might have some bearing on that...). As for the "other" naked Campbell (Neve), I've long been fond of this nicely curved sweetie (as evidenced by the nice feeling I got via her UK FHM layout); I've yet to check out the movie in question (It never got released in my area), but may get to those screencaps; otherwise, I'll have to eagerly await the DVD release! :))