Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More ranting and raving...

Rant: The Guardian. Specifically its talkboards. Even more specifically, the International folder. Moron central; basically, if you go in there and find yourself losing the will to live at the rantings of the folks within (Brits bashing Americans, Americans bashing Brits, etc., etc), it ain't for you. I've stopped buying the paper daily now - the only real reason to buy it is "Doonesbury," and I have the strip on Yahoo! now anyway. Gary Trudeau, you rock.

Rave: Tell you the truth, there isn't one. So I'll just give an additional rant to Bravo for pulling Alias on Tuesday for a fucking football match. (I don't care if it was for charity; I want my Jennifer Garner, dammit!)

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