Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Another rant and another rave.

I hate... MusicMatch Jukebox. I've always been more of a Windows Media man (the Battery designs and the total time of the disc put it over the edge for me), and every time I pop in a CD the damn thing tries to rudely cut in. Download this (flips middle finger).

I like... the person who alerted me as to the whereabouts of Patricia Araujo, and Sara Violet. The former (the person, not Patricia) runs TGirlNation - Patricia is a stunningly beautiful transsexual model-cum-callgirl who now lives in Milan instead of Brazil (and the one who made me realise my taste for remarkably attractive examples of same, as well as inspiring me to write a story about her - find it on Literotica and The latter very kindly made me an avatar of one Cynthia Ann Crawford, and thus needs no further explanation...

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