Thursday, April 23, 2009

The I Guess I'll Be Seeing At Least One American Pie Movie Post.

In the ten years (!) since American Pie burst onto the world's screens, we've had two big-screen sequels and three DVD followups, exactly none of which I've ever seen. Universal put a stop to that by signing Rosanna Arquette to essentially play Eugene Levy to Bug Hall's Jason Biggs in American Pie: Book Of Love. To at least one blogger's dismay.

And with good reason. Work is work, misunderstand me not, and sightings of Rosanna are never bad - not even in Crash - but do we need yet another reminder of how things have changed for her since the 1980s (and not only because she's a mother of a teenage girl now)? It's bad enough that most of her recent projects have been unpromising-sounding movies made for Lifetime or DVD (Northern Lights, anyone?) - but this? Of course, it could turn out to be a diamond in the rough, but it'll more likely be filed alongside Rush Of Fear and Poison. Maybe more TV is the answer (The L Word, Medium, even Grey's Anatomy... hell, even What About Brian).

That said, the ultimate Rosanna Arquette bummer movies are ones where she's killed off; at least that won't happen here.
And there'll finally be a proper MILF in these (no offence to Jennifer Coolidge).

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Sexy Celebrity Girlz said...

I'm probably not as big a fan of Rosanna's - though her turn in Pulp Fiction is classic - still this is good news. That said -- you must see the first American Pie at the very least as well -- it's got Shannon Elizabeth's bare b@@bs in it! And they're like, really nice.