Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Platters That Matter Post.

La-La Land's been putting out quite a few soundtrack CDs for TV shows of late - I've already mentioned their Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Batman: The Animated Series discs, and if I was one for Battlestar Galactica I'd mention their CDs for that show as well (oh wait, I just did). This week, the long-overdue score album of Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman's work on Heroes comes out for pre-order on La-La Land's site (you can already pre-order from Amazon). The CD features music from the first two seasons for sure, otherwise track 8 would be called "Jessica/Niki/Gina/Tracy/Barbara" (tracks in italics are tracks, as the credits say every week, "with the voice of Shenkar"; the asterisked tracks are also on the song album, and I think we can assume the earlier album's "Natural Selection" and "Homecoming" cuts are part of Mohinder's and Claire's suites respectively) and due to the short nature of a lot of the show's cues, many of the tracks are featured in suite form a la a lot of soundtrack albums from the late Maurice Jarre.

Pre-ordering from La-La Land will be my MO, to try and get one of the composer-signed copies. Check out the cover above - and based on the albums for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Summer Glau) and Lost (Maggie Grace), who wants to bet that taking the CD off the tray will reveal a picture of a certain diminutive, dolphin-friendly blonde with a heartrending smile?

1. Heroes Title (:14)*
2. Peter (6:12)

3. Claire (6:43)
4. Hiro (7:30)
5. HRG (6:24)
6. Mohinder (7:59)
7. Sylar (5:30)

8. Jessica/Niki/Gina (5:55)
9. Kirby Plaza (5:41)

10. Fire And Regeneration (2:21)*

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