Friday, August 18, 2006

Why must you tempt me so, Miss Biel? Why? WHY?

Cindy: It's Friday again! Yay!

Vanessa: Overloaded with work at DMWorks. They never can get the flow right - a constant keel is one thing, but it's either really still or really busy. And when it involves keeping a separate count of three table workers who always inflate their numbers, either deliberately or because they can't count... not to mention having to handcount letters and fling out the ones that are empty or don't have addresses... plus the people who sort addresses seem to not understand that the UK Virgin Islands aren't actually in the UK (whereas Scotland is)... and so on.

Cindy: Intrada finally sent me the fulfillment e-mail for Amazing Stories: Anthology Two, so I should get it in time for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Vanessa: It's officially getting near the end of summer. How do I know this? It's fucking raining. And I don't have an umbrella again. (How to get rich in London: sell umbrellas. Lucky Tom - aka InThe313 - coming over before the scare and the rains.)

Cindy: The soundtrack CD to Mission: Impossible III. I played it all through and played it all over again when it was done. No higher praise is possible for an album. (And it doesn't have tool par excellence Kanye West on it!)

Vanessa: Time to visit the doctor's again, where I will inevitably have to make an appointment to give blood for another test. It's been months since the last time and I've been backsliding. I predict more pills.

Cindy: Jessica Biel, for services to rendering those penis enlargement e-mails we all get even more pointless than usual. (Didn't any of the people marvelling at that body see Blade: Trinity? Or the way she wriggled through the grass in Stealth?...Oh wait.)

Vanessa: Jessica Biel, for being the white naturally-endowed husky-voiced non-singing equivalent of Janet Jackson. Namely, arousing me big-time despite distinct feelings of guilt at the same time. Unfortunately I've got to go off to catch up on my work so I'll blog on my sexual repression later...


The Archivist said...

Fridays are a godsend.

As for Miss Biel... That ass is good. But the hair is DEFINITELY questionable. Really, what's up with it?

Cindylover1969 said...

What were you doing looking at her hair? :)

The Archivist said...

I like hair, remember?