Friday, August 04, 2006

These pictures of Cindy in St. Tropez are disgusting.

Mainly because I'm not in them. I have to admit it's surprising to see Cindy carrying on like this; and yet, she looks like she's having fun. (Although when you remember the breast-signing incident, it suggests that she's got a wicked side to her. Which is certainly preferable to her being an all-out skank, right?)

If the stories about her husband cheating on her are true, he is a fool. A fool. Compare Cindy (40, two kids) to Kate Moss (30s, one kid)... and Cindy doesn't shovel coke/powdered sugar up her nostrils. Cindy Crawford continues to rule. (Title contains link to pictures just in case those damn red Xs show up.)

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The Archivist said...

I prefer wild sides to all out skanks, yes.

Coke is not good. Anybody using it needs to go to rehab before it destroys more of their lives.