Saturday, August 26, 2006

I love the smell of updates in the morning.

Cindy: My being in sole control of what pictures go up daily, so Rachel will have to wait. Don't worry, KS - her time will come.

Vanessa: A slight case of blog censorship that I had to do this week with a post in the archives. No details, and it's all been sorted out (with no ill feeling on either side, don't worry), but it's kind of a shame it had to happen. I'll be more careful in future.

Cindy: Anezza's back. And front. And sides. And legs. And hair. And... you get the idea. The production manager's beautiful, cheerful, extremely fanciable assistant is back from holiday and all is well with the world. Well, apart from my having no chance whatsoever with her.

Vanessa: Alton, the guy who does the showbiz reports on Choice FM. Makes Ty Pennington seem like Eeyore on downers, he does. SHUT UP, DAMMIT!

Cindy: Holiday weekends. The last Bank one until Christmas, meaning when I go on holiday next month almost no kids around the place!

Vanessa: Carnival weekend. Prepare for Notting Hill to become Notting Hell again as traffic gets blocked off for the parades, loud music etc for "Europe's biggest street party." Wonderful for many, a magnet in reverse for me. (I like Notting Hill Gate, mind - one of my best sources for soundtracks. It's just that parades bore and annoy the hell out of me. Although I'm sure Jen would definitely get into the spirit if she was here...)

Cindy: The Carnivàle soundtrack. Imagine if Thomas Newman scored Twin Peaks and left out any quirkiness; no idea which tracks come from which episode, but otherwise marvellously eerie and haunting stuff (great theme tune from Wendy & Lisa as well).

Vanessa: Survivor being divided on racial lines. If I was remotely interested in Torrenting this show (or any other), this would put me off. Like we really need another reason for America or the world in general to have more skin colour friction. If we're lucky this'll be the straw that breaks Mark Burnett's back.

Cindy: Cindy's openness policy, looks-wise. Once again, bless you and you go, girl!

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The Archivist said...

I wasn't trying to be mean... I was just kinda pointing out Rachel's pics on Rachel's birthday is very nice. :-) But I'm looking forward to 'em, whenever they arrive.

Like I've said elsewhere, Survivor's probably gonna go do Sexuality Wars.