Saturday, August 26, 2006

Work in progress, folks.

This is what I've written so far for the next Cindy Inc. Not much time for a plot in this format, but I can at least try... call it the equivalent of the placeholder episodes of 24 or Lost.

**TheBoss has entered CindyIncChat**
TheBoss: Hey guys
Amidala: Shiznit!
BajanBabe: Hi, Cindy.
**Amidala signed off at 14:32**
TheBoss: How's it going, Rie?
SaucyGirl: HI CINDY!
TheBoss: Hey, Hayden... how are you and Rie doing?
BajanBabe: Hayden's sweating all over her keyboard.
SaucyGirl: That's not sweat... ;)
TheBoss: Did the Bartons treat you nice?
BajanBabe: Yeah, and what's this Portman was telling us about Cindymas?
TheBoss: Didn't Hayden tell you?
BajanBabe: She was too busy to tell me. :D
SaucyGirl: *blushes*
TheBoss: You know how it goes, Hayden...
SaucyGirl: I know
TheBoss: Each time a new girl is broken in, she gets filled in on everything.
SaucyGirl: I know
BajanBabe: Is it a holiday?
TheBoss: Cindymas is the day when everyone works for free here. It's my birthday, and I'm never there that day.
BajanBabe: Or they'd have to do you for free, right? ;)
TheBoss: I didn't get where I am today by doing favors, Rie. ;)
SaucyGirl: Cindymas was when I came on board; Portman took me to the Bartons that day
BajanBabe: Buhwait... dis was in London town?
TheBoss: Oh yeah, the Bartons. Sam loves them young and his wife's SO understanding.
BajanBabe: Sorry about the slip, Cindy - I have to keep in training.
SaucyGirl: Hey, I love that Caribbean talk! :)
SaucyGirl: Yeah, it was in London. Can't work in Brentwood till next year
TheBoss: Like you don't know Rie.

BajanBabe: *blushes*
SaucyGirl: Anyway, the Bartons paid enough for me to spend the night with them in Notting Hill - couldn't find a green door anywhere
TheBoss: You were there with her weren't you Rie?
BajanBabe: Yes...
TheBoss: :D
SaucyGirl: And all the way there Sam had his hand up my dress, patting my legs and strokin my cooch
TheBoss: How'd he drive?
SaucyGirl: He's got some good taste in music - he likes Jojo :) :)
SaucyGirl: Mrs. Barton drove us; he can't drive
BajanBabe: Women drivers get better insurance rates.
TheBoss: Score one for us! *highfive*
BajanBabe: *highfive*
SaucyGirl: So he tells me his son's gay and asks if I want to do something about that; I said I'd think about it and he sticks his finger in me. :) Nice and slow too
BajanBabe: Fast worker.
TheBoss: Too fast sometimes. :rolleyes:
SaucyGirl: Then he starts to play around in me; he's got my button in his fingers and he's making me squirm in the backseat. He's better than Paris ever was
TheBoss: *vomits* You're lucky that was before you joined us.
SaucyGirl: I could have meant Paris from Gilmore Girls :D
BajanBabe: You and PARIS HILTON?!? :shocked:
SaucyGirl: She paid well :)
TheBoss: brb
BajanBabe: I saw the tape - you poor gitl
**TheBoss signed off at 14:35**
BajanBabe: *Girl.
SaucyGirl: Paris isn't bad... she tried it with Nicole once
BajanBabe: And only once, I bet. ;)
SaucyGirl: Tell you the truth, while he was feeling me up I was thinking of you back on the set
BajanBabe: My parents would kill me if they knew that.
SaucyGirl: Mine wouldn't - they know about Cindy
BajanBabe: Only in America. :D
SaucyGirl: And Barbados ;)
BajanBabe: Thanks for the show you did; practising for your show in that cheerleader's skirt. I saw a few of the guys all stiff when you jumped up.
SaucyGirl: No underwear - thought I'd give the boys a treat.
BajanBabe: Not just the boys. ;)
SaucyGirl: Love giving them wet spots :D
BajanBabe: And then you were wiggling off to get changed; did you know I followed you?
SaucyGirl: Why do you think I was shaking it?
SaucyGirl: Think I didn't see you checking me out that day? I know that look when I see it
BajanBabe: I get it too... Jay-Z does it all the time.
SaucyGirl: He wants someone with a normal size booty :D
BajanBabe: I think he wants me and Bey to join him one time - aint gonna happen.
SaucyGirl: Yeah, she hates competition
BajanBabe: Anyway, I got a look at you going to cool off - you know there's this little hole in teh wall next to the changing room?
SaucyGirl: Of course I do - who do you think put it there?
BajanBabe: Hussy. :)
SaucyGirl: *curtseys*
BajanBabe: Seeing you lying on the bench in there - I saw right up your skirt.
SaucyGirl: Yeah, I had a feeling someone was there
BajanBabe: Watching you rubbing that babysmooth box of yours... man, I wanted to run into that room and eat you right there
SaucyGirl: *shudders happily at the thought* Thank you
BajanBabe: Wriggling on the bench, spreading your legs... squeezing that tiny clit... making me all wet and hot...
SaucyGirl: mmmmmmmm.... I wanted a cock there so bad... my fingers had to do...
BajanBabe: Me sticking my fingers right up my own cunt watching you fuck yourself...
SaucyGirl: Oh... my cooch wants to burn up...
BajanBabe: Dripping down my legs checking out your hot little pink body; you were stroking your chest as well. You have fantastic little tits.
SaucyGirl: Yours ain't bad either, Rie... ohhhhh I wanted your tongue down there instead of my hands
SaucyGirl: Was that you I heard grunting?
BajanBabe: It coulda been. ;)
SaucyGirl: And I was playing with myself and pretending someone was there
BajanBabe: Me?
SaucyGirl: Yeah. If you had a 13-inch cock :D
BajanBabe: 13?
SaucyGirl: In real life I take what I can get. In my dreams all the guys have cocks like baeball bats
BajanBabe: So when you were rolling your tongue around like that you were... ;)
SaucyGirl: Like you couldn't tell :)
BajanBabe: You know me, just a good Bajan girl at heart. O:-)
SaucyGirl: So there I was, gagging on this big big BIG prick, licking it and swallowing it. Love it when they're this size, not big enough to choke me but not smallenough so I thinkit's like a toothpick of something
BajanBabe: ?
**LittleMissVixen has entered CindyIncChat**
SaucyGirl: A toothpick OR something, sorry. My mind's somewhere else.
LittleMissVixen: Hey kids.
BajanBabe: Hi Rachel. KIDS!?!?
SaucyGirl: Hey Rach
LittleMissVixen: I finished with mine early
SaucyGirl: You sure they didn't finish early? ;)

BajanBabe: Does he know you're here?
LittleMissVixen: Oh, he knows.
BajanBabe: :D
LittleMissVixen: Whatcha upto?
BajanBabe: Hayden's giving invisible head
SaucyGirl: You kiss your mom with that mouth?

BajanBabe: I've kissed someone's DAD with that mouth. ;)
SaucyGirl: Do tell
LittleMissVixen: Wait - you can turn invisible too? I thought that was a Jessica Alba thing
BajanBabe: My initiation down in Buhbayduss (it was my idea; I wanted one of our own to break me in).
SaucyGirl: *drools*
LittleMissVixen: So you DO like girls, Hayden
SaucyGirl: Dont we all?
BajanBabe: Not really
LittleMissVixen: Liar. ;)
BajanBabe: You're right - this promoter and his family wanted to meet me. Gotta be happy to the fans so I said yes.
LittleMissVixen: Ooooooh, keeping em keen. Go on
SaucyGirl: What about me? *pouts*
BajanBabe: Don't you have that thing in your mouth to keep you quiet?
SaucyGirl: :D Happy days... mmmmmm.... ummmmm....
LittleMissVixen: Can I have a taste?
SaucyGirl: Get your own
BajanBabe: Anyway, he took me down to Accra, and I saw his brothers and his dad. Real nice, all of them.
LittleMissVixen: I didn't mean of that... *places hand on your crotch* Never send a girl to do a woman's job.
SaucyGirl: You arent that much older than me, Bilson
LittleMissVixen: Smartass. *pats* Sweetass, sorry.
BajanBabe: That *is* a nice botsy you got there, Hayden.
SaucyGirl: brb *wiggles away*
LittleMissVixen: LOVE the view...
BajanBabe: So anyway, the four of us brought up Cindy, and he (the promoter) asked if I could do them all at once, and I went OOOOOOO
LittleMissVixen: You what?

BajanBabe: Opened my mouth REAL huge. Big enough for them tuh fit all their cocks inat once.
LittleMissVixen: :D
LittleMissVixen: Wider than Britney's?
BajanBabe: You know it, girl. Those men stuck their dicks in so fast I damn near choked; good thing only one of them was my size.
LittleMissVixen: LOL!!!!
BajanBabe: All jammed in my mouth like four big hard sausages, me tongue rubbing up on their heads with them fucking muh mouth, dem working em like pistons, like it was a race and they wanted to come in my mouth first, and me rubbing their balls in turns widdem standing round me.
BajanBabe: You need to suck a Bajan man, Rachel. Aint nothing like it.
LittleMissVixen: That's how I feel about Texans, Rie. :D
BajanBabe: So each one's dripping in me and I'm licking and sucking them and hoping the cute one cunms in me first because I'm probably goign to fuck one of them afterwards, and then I get hit by four streams all at once I swear. They ALL CAME TOGTHER.
LittleMissVixen: You LIE!!!!
BajanBabe: Nuh man, allaonce. Powpowpowpow! LOL! All the cum mushing up in me mouth - taste nice too, lemme tell you. :) One of them had enough to jerk off on me forehead too.
LittleMissVixen: Lots of room there... sorry!
SaucyGirl: Sorry about that - had to drain the balloon. :)
BajanBabe: You missed the show
LittleMissVixen: No, just starting... say this for Mr. Man, he tried
SaucyGirl: I thought he was a cheapskate
LittleMissVixen: Damn right he was. All he wanted was a handjob but he really tried to give me a good job. But...
BajanBabe: Couldn't find it. :)
SaucyGirl: Couldn't find it. :)
LittleMissVixen: ;) Let me show you what he should have done... *puts hand between SG's legs again, lightly rubbing with my thumb*
SaucyGirl: Mmmmmm... nice...
LittleMissVixen: You like it? Love 'em tight, SG... *slowly pushes my fingers in you*
SaucyGirl: *moans*
SaucyGirl: Yes, I like...
BajanBabe: What about that dick you were talking about?
SaucyGirl: This is better.... *opens my legs wider*
BajanBabe: Nothing's better than cock.
LittleMissVixen: *strokes Hayden's soaking little cunt* You don't hear anyone saying they hate small pussies, Rie
SaucyGirl: And they don't make you laugh when you're jumping up and down, right? Oh Rach, you got the touch... *kiss*
LittleMissVixen: *kiss* Better than Solange?
SaucyGirl: Better than BEYONCE

BajanBabe: So am I.
LittleMissVixen: Everyone's better than Beyonce. *slides fingers in and out of SG* That's why she quit.
BajanBabe: Looks like fun, Hay.
SaucyGirl: *bites lip* Oh yeah... is it true what I heard from Portman about the ladies?
LittleMissVixen: Sssshhh - not now. Fuck, youre hot down here... *rubs your button*
BajanBabe: *starts to lift Hayden's top*
SaucyGirl: No... not yet
BajanBabe: Aw, come on... where's my fun?
SaucyGirl: Show us yours first
LittleMissVixen: Yeah, we've all seen teh cameltoe pics.
BajanBabe: *pouts* Fine. *opens shirt*
LittleMissVixen: *whistles*
SaucyGirl: Great tits
BajanBabe: Thank you... *smiles, moves closer*
LittleMissVixen: Wow. *lifts up Hayden's top* Black on white
BajanBabe: *rollseyes*
SaucyGirl: Mmmmmmmmmm.... uuhhhh....
BajanBabe: C'mere Rach *offers one of my boobs*
LittleMissVixen: *tastes Rihanna's nips, rubbing Hayden's box*
SaucyGirl: Aaaaaahhhh... love the touch, Rach... better than this cock...
BajanBabe: *cradles Rachel's head to my chest* Still sucking it?
SaucyGirl: Playing with it.... dont stop Rachel
LittleMissVixen: *licks Rie's tits, sucking on the nips* Dont want to.

To be continued.


All Hail King Butcher! said...

If I could get in those chatrooms, whatever service fees AOL charged me I'd pay 'em.

The Archivist said...

LittleMissVixen finally makes her appearance...

*drools, my eyes glazing over*