Monday, April 10, 2006

The laughably dubbed Weekend Update.

Cindy: Got most of my stuff moved over to Sharon's flat over the weekend.
Vanessa: Irritated when one of my boxes of Cindy magazines burst open (after I tripped, mind - this was the only box to come open in the transfer), Sharon asked me if I'd ever heard of de-cluttering. Never ask a collector about de-cluttering.
Cindy: More exercise...
Vanessa: ...because the only bus passing right by Sharon's flat doesn't start until 6:30 on weekday mornings. Cue 20-minute walk for an earlier one.
Cindy: One of the new people at work. Anneza. Looks a little like Michelle Branch. Short. The first person I could be attracted to here since Karen left.
Vanessa: I'm too shy to go out with straight women, it seems.
Cindy: Tuesday is a day off for me to get into Sharon's place. And get more time online.
Vanessa: Hallmark snipping of Gilmore girls. Don't think we can't tell.
Cindy: Record store sales. Especially at Virgin. Bring on next weekend.
Vanessa: Being subjected to Sharon's line in music (number of times I can stand listening to Jamie Foxx or whatever: 1, at the most). And I dread having to explain to Shaz the backstory on Lost if it starts up while I'm still there (and it will... clashing with Medium to boot).

Cindy: The junk contained inside Jessica Biel's trunk.
Vanessa: Jessica Biel's website, non-updated for so long that she's still listed as being on 7th Heaven and doesn't mention Blade:Trinity or Stealth. Then again, in her case that's probably a Cindy...

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The Archivist said...

Sounds like a pretty good week, man. Good luck with the day off.

Could you provide a link to an explanation of this junk inside Jessica Biel's trunk?