Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's Saturday, it's 10:39, it's time for the update...

Cindy: The ntl guy just came and took away the set-top box. I'm free of those incompetent tossers at last! Cue Martin Luther King impression...
Vanessa: Marooned here until the washing is done, alas.
Cindy: Bank Holiday weekend, and no rain in sight.
Vanessa: Way too many visits to the bathroom. I won't elaborate.
Cindy: Coming close to completion of Part III of my current story; at least I've managed to tie off this part's storyline and start sorting out Part IV.
Vanessa: Seeing Hilary Duff next to
Holly Willoughby. Hilary's still cute, but the juxtaposition does her no favours. At all.
Cindy: I aim to be out of Sharon's place by May-end, with enough money saved up for that by then. Shaz suggested I wait until she returns to intensify searching, as she has more house-hunting experience.
Vanessa: Abbey National strikes again. I hate deductions.
Cindy: Jessica Alba
giving her admirers a birthday present.
Vanessa: Tom Cruise. Listen, Mr. Freaky So-Called Religion Savager Of Classic TV Control Freak - she will always be Katie Holmes to me.
Cindy: MuffinMan lives!
Vanessa: He still doesn't update...

1 comment:

The Archivist said...

If the Alba pics would load, I'm sure I'd love them.

I'm glad MuffinMan lives, though. Now, if he would just email me...

Good luck with the search.