Friday, April 21, 2006

The Crawford/Feltz Weekend Update, people...

Cindy: Victoria. Having patched things up between us, I now have my new avatar. Meaning I might decide not to leave CSSA after all. I'm so fickle, aren't I?

Vanessa: The clot at the Daily Star (doesn't narrow it down much) who called Rihanna a "calypso cutie." Cutie she undeniably is, but for heaven's sake - calypso music and what she does are two very different things. Imagine if Rihanna were to say that all British accents sound the same. Get the idea, moron?

Cindy: Esther Ampofo. Also known as Esther A-mo-fo. Finally gone from DMWorks, though whether she quit for another job or was at long last sacked I don't know. Hopefully, despite everything, the former.

Vanessa: Yet another Abbey withdrawal in the offing.

Cindy: All my online purchases done in time to avoid frequent deliveries to where I am now. And questions from Sharon.

Vanessa: My meds. Can I get them sent over here outside of Brent? Or have to risk backpedalling until I'm secure?

Cindy: Prison Break on Monday night. Specifically Wentworth Miller's specially-recorded-as-Michael-Scofield-for-Five announcements before the show and over the credits, which had a fairly high cheekiness factor ("I need time to think... a week should do it") and also defied logic ("I need time... to find out what Veronica knows" - and how could he have known that Veronica had found out one big clue about the whole thing?), but then again so does the show. Again, please.

Vanessa: Ricky Gervais. Specifically, Sky One's endless promos for his episode of The Simpsons this coming Sunday. With the man himself. In live action ("Watch me in The Simpsons on Sky One. Or Channel 4, if you can wait three years"). Not as leap-for-the-remote-control annoying as that ident with Ellen "Grey's Anatomy has arrived. On Five" Pompeo, but thank goodness they'll vanish after 6:30pm this Sunday.

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The Archivist said...

Congrats on getting your purchases done in time. Was that planned, or was it just luck?