Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And now, a post which mentions Cindy Crawford. Shocking, isn't it?

With all due respect to Scarlett Johansson in Jamaica (as the guy at WWTTD said, there are probably only two pics [at first] because all the paparazzi were masturbating), this is more interesting:

(The)brand new Walt Disney Concert Hall towers over streets crowded with homeless and destitute migrants.
``Disney Hall has been very successful in the sense that it has become our landmark already,'' (conductor Esa-Pekka) Salonen says. ``There is hardly a Hollywood movie with a car chase which doesn't go past Disney Hall.
There is hardly a lingerie commercial that wouldn't be partly shot in the garden of Disney Hall.
``I went to work one morning, and outside my door was Cindy Crawford in a black bra,''
he says. ``And I thought that very clearly the building is making progress in integrating itself into various layers of our culture." (Bloomberg.com)

Cindy Crawford. Lingerie commercial. At this moment clips of Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live are on E! News Daily. I still want more information about this ad. And NOW.

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The Archivist said...

Black bra? Plain or sexy? If sexy, sexy how?