Saturday, April 15, 2006

Finally back in its regular spot, a Weekend Update.

Cindy: I'm typing this at Sharon's place for the next few weeks.
Vanessa: This keyboard is mouseless, and it sucks having to move whatever the cursor equivalent is with fingertips.
Cindy: The new series of Veronica Mars starts when the last series of Charmed ends - no annoying weekday stripping like last time, just 8pm Thursdays and no clashing with anything.
Vanessa: Doctor Fucking Who starts up tonight. Go away.
Cindy: Non-stop soothing film music...
Vanessa: ...unless the system goes down like it just did. Fuck.
Cindy: Finally finding out from Mr. B why he never updates.
Vanessa: "I don't have time..." Like Oz, I have to admit I'm disappointed.
Cindy: Seeing the trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand before
The Pink Panther.
: Seeing The Pink Panther, period.
Cindy: Holiday weekend.
Vanessa: Not the happiest of occasions, Easter. Plus I've just come off two of the more unpleasant diabetic side effects, i.e. feeling unwarrantedly sleepy and a mild headache.


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The Archivist said...

Mouseless keyboards are kinda weird, aren't they?

Doctor Who with Billie Piper?