Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just to console some of y'all after the Sean Combs Show

Following the MTV Music Video Awards (or as I call 'em, The Sean Combs Show), I'm told there have been complaints about, among other things, the general lack of babeness on said shindig. (Thank goodness for Jessica Alba. And Shakira. And Eva Longoria. And Kelly Clarkson... wet t-shirt you say?)

Fortunately, and to give Jen an idea of what she's missing (and knowing Kira's Slave, probably him too), world-class MILF Monica Bellucci comes to the rescue with these frames from Combien ti m'aimes? This woman is 41 (or 37, depending on what date you believe), and effortlessly blows away the likes of the Simpson and Hilton sisters; shame about the first pic being the only one where she's dressed and doesn't have company though.



MuffinMan said...

mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm goooooood(that VERY LUCKY bald fellow notwithstanding) :)))...what I wouldn't give to be that bedsheet in pic#3! Not to mention that T-shirt that clung to Ms. Clarkson :))...and for the record, my favorite YM not named Elle will turn 41 (or 37) this Sept. 30...

The Archivist said...

I feel the love. ;-)

Monica's pretty hot and I am aware of her in a way.

Good pics, though.