Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Let's Go List Crazy Post.

Things to do: buy Awake and Good Luck Chuck on DVD since there's no chance of my getting to see either of them on the big screen, actually write to Teresa since I update my MySpace with the frequency of a mountain dancing, and find out every country's FHM rundown. We've already done the UK and US, but what about the 31 other countries where EMAP's pride and joy is done? And what can we learn from what Australian readers pick? Bold denotes ones I like, Verdana means they also made the US and UK lists, both indicates both.

1. Jessica Alba.
2. Megan Fox.
3. Jess Origliasso. One half of singing duo The Veronicas.
4. Lisa Origliasso. The other half of singing duo The Veronicas.
5. Miranda Kerr. Not half bad Victoria's Secret model.
6. Jennifer Hawkins. Forever ex-Miss Australia.
7. Kate Beckinsale. The highest-scoring person here who isn't American or Australian.
8. Natalie Imbruglia. Forever either Beth Brennan or "Torn."
9. Hayden Panettiere. One of four, count 'em, four Heroes representatives here.
10. Lara Bingle.
11. Alessandra Ambrosio.
12. Scarlett Johansson.
13. Rihanna.
14. Erin McNaught.
15. Adriana Lima.
16. Jodi Gordon. The first of several Australian soaps reps to be found here.
17. Ana Ivanovic.
18. Katherine Heigl.
19. Jessica Biel.
20. Emma Watson.
21. Holly Valance.
22. Tamsyn Lewis.
23. Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Is this really how her surname is spelt?
24. Eva Mendes.
25. Angelina Jolie.
26. Rachel Bilson.

27. Krystal Forscutt.
28. Pippa Black.
29. Beyoncé Knowles.
30. Gemma Ward.
31. Eva Longoria (Parker).
32. Caitlin Stasey.
33. Jennifer Love Hewitt.
34. Keeley Hazell.
Between you and me and anyone else who reads this, I'm seriously considering bolding her.
35. Natalie Portman.
36. Keira Knightley.

37. Christina Aguilera.
38. Elisha Cuthbert.
39. Jessica Simpson.
40. Cameron Diaz.

41. Nicky Whelan.
42. Bar Refaeli. See Keeley Hazell.
43. Gisele Bundchen.
44. Heidi Klum.
45. Kate Ritchie. Will she be here next year now she's finally left Home and Away? She probably will.
46. Jackie O. Australian necrophilia is not that widespread - this is a presenter.
47. Halle Berry.
48. Salma Hayek.

49. Reese Witherspoon.
50. Sarah Michelle Gellar.
51. Avril Lavigne.
52. Rachel McAdams.
53. Nicole Scherzinger
54. Kelly Brook.
55. Penelope Cruz.
56. Jennifer Garner.
57. Stacy Keibler.
58. Kate Waterhouse.
59. Maria Sharapova.

60. Ali Larter.
61. Isabel Lucas.
62. Sandra Sully.
63. Olga Kurylenko.
64. Sienna Miller.
65. Jade McRae.
66. Olivia Thirlby.
67. Emily Scott.
68. Lindsay Lohan.
69. Chloe Lattanzi.
70. Anna Kournikova.
71. Kylie Minogue.
72. Sophie Monk.
73. Gwen Stefani.
74. Doutzen Kroes. She's another one who's worth it.
75. Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
76. Candice Alley.
77. Vanessa Hudgens.
78. Mandy Moore.
79. Noemie Lenoir.
80. Charlize Theron.
81. Odette Yustman.
82. Marisa Miller. No relation to the less foxy Sienna.
83. Summer Glau.
84. Nadine Velazquez.
85. Amber Heard.
86. Amy Pearson.
87. Rachael Taylor.
88. Hilary Duff. She should not be this low.

89. Tahyna Tozzi.
90. Missy Peregrym. Australian guys must really like Heroes. Or Reaper.
91. Ivanka Trump.
92. Ellen Page. "It started with a chair..."
93. Mila Kunis.
94. Kristen Bell. You know you love her.
95. Emmanuelle Chriqui.
96. Natalie Blair.
97. Natalie Barr.
98. Katie Holmes. Time was when she'd have done so much better.
99. Ujjwala Raut.
100. Abbey Clancy. That's loyalty to the mother country for you.

Spanish rundown tomorrow, and the list of people who turn up on every list reduces further.


Lance Goodthrust said...

Wow, I'm a bit stunned to see Mila Kunis so low on the list.

Nice to see Ali Larter make the list. I'm pretty sure I could actually nail her based on My encounter with her last year.

Anonymous said...

If this is the Australian list, as seems to be indicated, where the hell is Delta Goodrem?