Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Do You Really Want To Hear About The Mayoral Elections? Thought Not Post

There are already loads of bloggings about those most beautiful lists in general and FHM's UK and US ones in particular. Only a blogger with nothing else coming to mind would do another one. With that in mind, only people who I have some kind of interest in will be commented on, even unto explaining who they are. Favourites in bold, women who also made the US list in Verdana, both in both.

100. Holly Willoughby.
99. Marion Cotillard. Amazing how the makeup people made someone so foxy look so hideous... there's the key to an Oscar.
98. Victoria Beckham.
97. Roxanne McKee.
96. Nicola Roberts.
95. Dannii Minogue. The Hilary to Kylie's Haylie, in fanciability terms rather than success.
94. Billie Piper. I'm still not watching Doctor Who or The Secret Diary of a Call Girl though.
93. Kylie Minogue.
92. April Scott.
91. Kirstie Allsopp.
90. Amber Heard. Bears further investigation.
89. Kristen Bell. Veronica Mars! Elle Bishop! Gossip Girl! And how much UK press has she gotten for Forgetting Sarah Marshall? F. all. (Sadly, I'm obliged to see this as the main character composes for film...)
88. Odette Yustman.
87. Hannah Spearritt. You'd think she'd be higher than her fellow ex-S Clubber what with Hannah having a steady gig on Primeval. But nope...
86. Ellen Page.
85. Gloria De Piero.
84. Katie Holmes. Can she break away from Mr. Cruise before it's too late?
83. Katherine Jenkins. The lower-placed of the two Welsh operatic women herein, wrongly methinks.
82. Michelle Ryan. If Bionic Woman had been a big hit, you just know she'd be a lot higher.
81. Anna Kournikova. One of several former chart-toppers to be here in the Horse Latitudes (though at least she made the list - unlike Jennifer Lopez, Gillian Anderson, Teri Hatcher and Claudia Schiffer).
80. Agyness Deyn.
79. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. So much foxier than Bruce Willis's real daughter.
78. Gwen Stefani. Has been known to claim she's not sexy. Liar. (Bonus points for being one of six women I voted for to make the list in the UK.)
77. Denise Richards.
76. Chelsea Davy. It's not what you know, it's...
75. Petra Nemcova. Now happily single after Sean Penn gave his wife another chance. Thus improving both of them.
74. Stacy Keibler.
73. Tricia Helfer.
72. Eva Green. Bolded not for Casino Royale but The Golden Compass, oddly.
71. Fearne Cotton.
70. Sienna Miller.
69. Mandy Moore.
68. Nadine Velazquez.
67. Milla Jovovich.
66. Kimberly Walsh.
65. Emily Scott.
64. Ali Larter. The second of three Heroes ladies on this list. Bet you can't guess who the third is (clue: Not Cristine Rose).
63. Alexa Chung. A T4 presenter. Pretty but slagged off a lot.
62. Holly Valance.
61. Vanessa Hudgens. Yes! It's only a matter of time until Miley Cyrus makes her debut.
60. Cameron Diaz. You have to have Cameron Diaz every year. It's the law.
59. Charlotte McKenna.
58. Marisa Miller.
57. Jennifer Garner.
56. Mischa Barton
. Mike wishes Rachel had Mischa's attitude towards nudity. Then again, Rachel's last few projects haven't had straight-to-DVD all over them.
55. Abbey Clancy.
54. Evangeline Lilly.
53. Shakira.
52. Carmen Electra.

51. Emma Griffiths. TV presenter, I think.
50. Rachel McAdams.
49. Nicole Scherzinger.
48. Kristin Kreuk.

47. Monica Bellucci. Stunner though she is, the fellow on FSM's board who rightly hailed her hotness is nonetheless on my ignore list (you do NOT diss the Alba around me).
46. Halle Berry.
45. Katherine Heigl.
44. Alesha Dixon.
43. Nadine Coyle.
42. Bar Refaeli. Leonardo DiCaprio trades up.
41. Lindsay Lohan.
40. Heidi Klum.
39. Natalie Portman.
38. Olga Kurylenko.
37. Avril Lavigne. Because she may be annoying, but she's supremely sexy and annoying.
36. Sarah Harding.
35. Eva Mendes. Own-brand Cindy Crawford cannot and never will be bolded, not even with that ass.
34. Kelly Brook.
33. Emma Watson.
32. Sarah Michelle Gellar.
31. Britney Spears.
30. Maria Sharapova.
29. Rachel Stevens.
28. Charlize Theron.
27. Jennifer Aniston.
26. Jessica Simpson. Favourited because I still prefer her to Ashlee.
25. Salma Hayek. How did she not make the US list? Oh dear.
24. Sophia Bush. How'd she score higher in the UK list than the US one? One Tree Hill must have more of a British following than I thought.
23. Ana Ivanović. Tennis player. Apparently hotter than Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova.
22. Gisele Bundchen.
21. Adriana Lima.
20. Christina Aguilera.

19. Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm not sure she deserves to be TV Guide's Sexiest Woman on TV, but she's certainly one of 'em.
18. Gemma Atkinson.
17. Beyoncé Knowles.
16. Rachel Bilson.
15. Alessandra Ambrosio.
14. Eva Longoria (Parker).
13. Jessica Biel.
12. Kate Beckinsale.
11. Rihanna. Or as I've started to call her after hearing her new single, Riyoncé (Rihanna + Beyoncé, get it?).
10. Keira Knightley.
9. Angelina Jolie.
8. Hilary Duff. Egotastic! still can't believe how hot she is. I knew that from Agent Cody Banks, darn it.
7. Cheryl Cole.
6. Scarlett Johansson. Her singing isn't that bad, folks.
5. Hayden Panettiere.
Do I have to elaborate? (The youngest woman in the top 10 for the second year in a row, and also - I believe - the highest-ranked young 'un on the US list at #11).
4. Elisha Cuthbert.
3. Keeley Hazell.
I have to say, though, that she's no Samantha Fox in the singing department.
2. Jessica Alba. Even a heavily pregnant Jessica Alba > quite a few here. Including...
1. Megan Fox.
Alas, Cindy wasn't there.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason people like a pregnant Jessica Alba is that they're imagining having been the one to get her pregnant.