Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Midweek Update.

Cindy: Not managing to see Heroes on NBC's site, or on YouTube thanks to NBC Universal having the pilot removed (I know the screener's still up there, but it's got music from Batman Begins on it and is therefore NOT THE REAL THING). Counts as a Cindy because now it's all anticipation for when it starts here...

Feltz (since Vanessas Marcil, Anne Hudgens, Carlton and Lengies have overcome the problem of that first name): year.

Cindy: Returning to work and getting back into the stream of things quietly instead of being thrust into tons of the stuff.

Feltz: Returning to work.

Cindy: Sharon's new guy. He's a vast improvement on the last one.

Feltz: The return of penalty payments from Abbey National. Sob.

Cindy: The Pigskin Prognosticators (Jen's Yahoo! team); I'm not sucking as much as I feared. So far, anyway.

Feltz-ish: The four-CD MGM music sampler I got a few weeks ago. Lots of nice stuff BUT too many of the tracks are snippets instead of full pieces. Grrr.

Cindy: Saving my holidays; more to look forward to.

Feltz: Having problems uploading pictures at home (Rihanna coming, I promise Evil).

And that Amish school shooting in America, and that father in London who got killed on his own doorstep... fuck. Again - FUCK.

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The Archivist said...

I hadn't even heard about the father in England. What the fuck is this world coming to with all this hate?