Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It is time to get geeky: The Music Of Candyman.

(Caleb Knightley's) music grates my last nerve but is apparently Philip Glass's apprentice (I'm beginning to see why my professors thought that Glass is a self-absorbed prick)... - From a blog whose owner really, really hates Keira Knightley.

Minimalism, for those who don't know, is a form of music that's based on repeating the same few notes ad nauseum. Philip Glass is the most famous perpetrator/exponent of this kind of thing, but give him credit for managing to balance concert hall composing with work for the dreaded cinema (Koyaanisqatsi, Secret Window, Hamburger Hill, The Thin Blue Line, Taking Lives, The Illusionist and so on - not to mention his theme music for the ill-advised Night Stalker redo). Give him debits, though, for coming up with music that's an acquired taste which I personally have yet to acquire - his work for the first two Candyman films is a case in point (for some reason he was unavailable for the third direct-to-video one). I got it out of Charing Cross Library, and I am so glad that it's on a loan - I couldn't stand having this permanently.

Put together on one CD because there wasn't enough music in the first movie for an album, this isn't traditional horror movie music; it's unnerving, but it's also monotonous - thanks to Glass's style the tracks all seem longer than they are, and it almost never varies. A change from the norm, but I had to cleanse my mind out immediately afterwards with Ghostbusters and Mission: Impossible III. I'm sure his fans would argue the point, however.

1. Music Box (1:05)
Candyman Suite:
2. Cabrini Green (3:27)
3. Helen's Theme (1:56)
4. Face to Razor (6:13)
5. Floating Candyman (7:04)
6. Return to Cabrini (9:46)
7. It Was Always You, Helen (3:07)
Candyman II: Farewell To The Flesh:
8. Daniel's Flashback (2:55)
9. The Slave Quarters (5:22)
10. Annie's Theme (3:33)
11. All Falls Apart (3:13)
12. The Demise of Candyman (4:05)
13. Reverend's Walk (1:09)

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The Archivist said...

Thank ypu for educating me on minimalism music.

...thanks to Glass's style the tracks all seem longer than they are, and it almost never varies...

Okay, I am NOT getting this CD.