Thursday, October 12, 2006

Apologies and flowers and boxes of diabetic chocolate all round.

Because I want some, dammit.

First apology to Sharon for clogging the kitchen sink up; all the caustic soda in the world poured down the drain didn't help, but a plunger did. With the best will in the world I'm sorry, and I hope it doesn't happen again.

Second to Mike over at The Bilson Archives, for circa 1:30 UK time this morning when he IM'd me and I said nothing but "hi," even when he buzzed me twice. This was because I was absolutely not completely awake when I trotted out there, even unto nodding off while online (why I didn't just go back to sleep and go online an hour later I don't know). So I couldn't talk to him, and I'm sorry.

Then to Jessica Alba, for staying linked to Egotastic! and the rest. Finally got fed up with all those interchangeable showbiz blogs giving her shit because she won't take her clothes off, so they're gone. Out of here. The old heave-ho. From now on it's Technorati searches and SuperiorPics for me.

And finally (for now) to Eliza Dushku; the long-overdue and aborted second season of Tru Calling starts tonight on Sky One at 8pm. It'll have to be caught on the repeat, what with Veronica Mars having that same slot on LivingTV. That's life.

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The Archivist said...

To be fair, you did warn me you were kind of tired.

But don't worry; we always have the next time to chat.