Saturday, October 21, 2006

Finally, another update.

Cindy: Going from a very quiet beginning at work to a very, very busy ending. Makes Saturday mornings all the better.

Feltz: Aches and stiffness thanks to hours spent bagging up very heavy books. Not fun.

Cindy: As part of the unending commercialisation of my girl Cindy, she's selling herself. Or leasing herself. See the next post.

Feltz: Missing Las Vegas after pointing out to Jen that it was on last night (in the UK that is), thus denying us the chance to compare and contrast views on Nikki Cox.

Cindy: Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" being missing from the Casino Royale CD. That is one of the worst Bond songs ever, so we're talking no great loss.

Feltz: DJs who make "funny" phone calls. Stop it. Now. Please.

Cindy: Scarlett Johansson singing. Not bad at all...

Feltz: ...too bad it had to be Gershwin. I don't like Gershwin. Rubs me the wrong way.

Cindy: But kudos to Scarlett for making George and Ira palatable in a way that only Peter Sellers has otherwise managed. Maybe she can tackle Tom Waits songs so that they're intelligible. Or take this to heart.

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The Archivist said...

I agree with the Jay.

More naked Johansson!