Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know what would make this picture better?

Other than if Cindy or Jessica were in place of the lady in the background?

Give up?

... If I could do picture links without the damn underlines.


MuffinMan said...

...and to think it could've been Rachel McAdams instead of that dude, in which case I would've COMBUSTED on the spot! :))>

The Archivist said...

Actually, I do believe there is a way to make links without underlines. It just involves CSS, which you probably shouldn't introduce into your blogger template unless you're redoing the entire thing.

Why do you want to do picture links without underlines?

But... Very nice pictures!

Tom said...

Anybody but that guy would have been better. I go through a whole Roladex of stars, but I'll just agree with Muffinman, Rachel McAdams would be a good choice. After all, she really doesn't seem shy about her body.

The Archivist said...

McAdams is obviously shy about her body; she backed out of the shoot.

I think she got cold breasts. ;-)