Monday, February 20, 2006

Two score and no days ago...

In 1966 Batman began a TV run that would piss away his dignity until Tim Burton came to the rescue, England won the World Cup, and the woman who put the super in supermodel came into this world.
Today marks the 40th birthday of the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. She has moved from catwalks and media whirlwinds to being a happily married wife and mother; she has annoyed humourless animal freaks and gossip mavens; and she's done it with style, grace and ineffable charm, moving from a young woman in her 20s who inspired women and men for very different reasons to being one of the alltime MILFs, and still inspiring women and men for very different reasons. No wild tantrums, snow fondness or other "interesting" behaviour for her - she was a class act in the 1990s, and she remains one today.
She may be one of the most enthusiastically commercial-inclined models, but models are supposed to sell things. If you had told me in 1988 (the year I discovered her, in the midst of my "relationship" with Rosanna Arquette) that the then-22-year-old would ultimately be the One, I wouldn't have believed you; the Jessica Albas and Monica Belluccis of this world will always have a very high ranking in my book, but there's only one number one.
Happy birthday, Cindy Crawford.

No time for the movie show, TV, or the radio,
Gotta write a symphony,
End it with some poetry,

Tie them with a ribbon made of gold and give them to Cindy...
Today is Cindy's birthday...

- Johnny Crawford, "Cindy's Birthday"