Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weekend Update

And now another shameless lift from Mr. Rosser. (Then again, exchanging ideas is what being friends is all about.)

Cindy: Jessica Alba at a Dolce & Gabbana show becoming the first female person to stand next to Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum and make them seem not all that in comparison... which one of them seems to have sussed out in this pic. (Sorry, MuffinMan.)
Vanessa: The possibility that Jessica could pull this off with my baby cannot be ruled out.

Cindy: Got paid.
Vanessa: Via cheque. On Wednesday. With not enough time to make it to Abbey National before 4pm. Meaning that it went in on Thursday. And won't clear until Tuesday. As Jack Bauer would say, "DAMMIT!"
Cindy: My first building society statement in ages not to include the words "...will be deducted from your account...".
Vanessa: This streak will be strangled at birth with the next statement in March.
Cindy: My landlord's recovered from his stroke and is back at Kenton Road. (Yes, this is a Cindy because he's a nice guy.)
Vanessa: Workmates still refuse to believe there is such a thing as too much James Blunt, Shayne Ward, Michael Buble and so on.

Cindy: One week to the Oscars and a day off.
Vanessa: The worst collection of men's magazine covers in recent memory. Jennifer Ellison on loaded? Tess Daly (UK TV presenter) on Arena? Jaime Pressly on Maxim? Victoria Silvstedt on FHM? Sharon Fucking Stone on Esquire? Thank goodness for imports (Monica Bellucci for Italian MAX, Kristen Bell for US Maxim and Cindy C for German MAX).

Over the river and through the streets, to Oxford Street we go...

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The Archivist said...

Jennifer Ellison has a huge set of tits, if my image search results are accurate.