Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday morning

The Guardian got a revamping and is now theguardian. That type of terminology takes thepiss. But what bothered me the most is that they dropped Doonesbury.

For fuck's sake, Doonesbury.

Okay, it is available on the web (including the Sunday edition), but considering that Mike, B.D., Zonker, Boopsie and the rest were often the only reason to buy the thing, and that it consistently made the strip above it look like dog's droppings in comparison (Steve Bell's depiction of George W. Bush; an English-language mangling chimp. Gary Trudeau's depiction; invisible except for an asterisk and a Roman Emperor's helmet. Which one is more subtle?)... I mean, come on.

Fortunately, many readers agreed with me (some didn't, of course), and it's coming back next Monday. A brilliant strip saved for the nation, the Pussycat Dolls performing a public service by keeping Mr. Paltrow and his band of whingers from getting their first No. 1, Danny Elfman finally winning the Emmy he should have gotten for The Simpsons (be honest, Desperate Housewives is hardly his best work - check out Sledge Hammer!, The Flash, or even Point Pleasant), a week's holiday next week...

Could anything be better? Oh yeah. My having to work this week.


Derek said...

Yeah, but Trudeau is constrained by the bizzarro US laws about a person's likeness not being used without their permission. Who knows what he might draw without that restriction. I quite like the monkey.

The Archivist said...

I hate little changes like that. It hardly seems worth it, you know?

As for Doonesbury, I'm glad you guys got it back.

As for having to work this week, don't you have to work EVERY week? What's so special about this week?