Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm An Attention-Seeking Cunt... Get Me On TV!

It's very much to the credit of the American TV audience that I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! never caught on there the way it has in the UK. I mean, what exactly is the point of this or almost any reality show?

These things are almost on a level with the Ricki/Jerry/Sally Jessy/Dr. Phil/Trisha type of show; I admit that the aspect of such shows that most annoys me (you have all these people bringing out their problems to a studio audience and all the viewers at home, and at the end of the hour they still have the same damn problems - they aren't any closer to solving them, and all they have to show for it is the audience figures for better or worse - worse in Trisha's case, since she's leaving ITV... or maybe not, since she's transferring to Five) isn't here, but there's nothing there except the same reason people buy those celebrity magazines, especially the ones that sneer at celebrities for having flaws just like the rest of us (ha ha ha, Britney's got zits). The viewers might tell off the people taking part for doing anything to be on TV, but if they're so much better why don't they just watch something else? For heaven's sake, ITV2 even has ROLLING COVERAGE OF THE FUCKING THING!!! About the only good reason I can think of for anyone sad enough to tune in to the thing (and which a number of newspaper editors are hoping for) would be in the hope that one of the ladies'll obligingly strip off. Damn them for bringing Sophie Anderton on board - not because she's ugly, but because she isn't. But will the lure of the willing-to-undress Sophie persuade me to take a look?

Probably not - even with Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton, Newlyweds and The Simple Life are hardly essential viewing. So I'll continue to hide my head whenever mention of it comes up, and hope for it to go away eventually.

And people wonder why many Brits prefer to watch American, but that's another rant...


Cindylover1969 said...
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Hater said...

Is it a year already? I remember when 'I'm a Celebrity' was on last year, everyone seemed to be watching it and taking it so seriously, and then for months afterwards, all anyone could talk about was Jordan and that stupid mug Peter Andre. I'm no entertainment snob - nothing wrong with the odd reality show or piece of trash TV, but at least be mindful that you are watching crap.

We do have crappy reality shows in America too, but the difference is that such shows aren't taken seriously. People in the UK actually consider 'I'm a Celebrity,' 'Big Brother,' 'Wife Swap,' and those inanely boring soaps that come on everyday (Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollythingimajig) as actual serious shows, and they receive real coverage from the media and the newspapers, and the participants become actual real celebrities.

Thats another thing that annoyed the fuck out of with the whole British entertainment scene - how easy it is to become a celebrity. All you need to do is win (or take part in) some bullshit reality show, or have sex with some soccer player who plays for some Division 20 club, and go to News of the World with the scoop, and before long, you are actually considered a celebrity. And the so-called Z-list celebs actually take themselves so fuckin serious it bugged the fuckin shit out of me.

People like Abi Titmuss, Jodie Marsh, Rebecca Loos, Kerry McFadden, Faria Alam, and the worst culprit of all, that huge boobed, ugly ass creature called Jordan are jokes in my opinion. No discernible talents besides having made their way into the papers by taking part in some crap reality show or screwing someone famous. i can actually stand Jodie cos she's the only one in that bunch who doesnt seem to take herself so serious.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I just lost it when I saw you mention that 'I'm a Celebrity' was on again, I just had a flashback to last year.

The Archivist said...

I think Michelle Marsh might also fit into Hater's categories. All I ever see of her are tabloid pics.

But reality shows aren't reality, yet no one gets that. Over in Australia, Big Brother became a joke last year. They were doing well, until last year.

And then they fucked it. Reality shows are fucking stupid. Well, maybe not Idol. That, at least, has talent.